Talking to Kids About Money

Talking To Kids About Money By David Cunningham

Talking to Kids About Money By: David Cunningham It’s difficult enough to talk about money with children. Here are some tips that can make it easier. First, really listen. Many parents talk first and listen later. Flip flop that for more effective communication. If children get upset because they’re not going to be able to get something they really want, it’s important to first really listen and focus on your child’s concerns, instead of thinking about what you’re going to {Read More}

Should We Take a Tahiti or Fiji Vacation?


This content uses referral links. Read our disclosure policy for more information. Happy Travel Tuesday! Today is the second of a five-part series where I explore our possible 15th anniversary getaway destinations. Number two on my list is a choice between a Tahiti or Fiji vacation. I know these are two different destinations, but since they are in the same part of the world I lumped them together. If we decide that the South Pacific is our dream anniversary getaway, {Read More}

Winston & Roxee Rose The Miniature Schnauzers

Winston & Roxee Rose - Miniature Schnauzers

I had grand ideas of putting up a great blog post today – but this happened. We brought home Ms. Roxee Rose on Saturday – it is kind of like it was when I brought home Ava. Sleepless nights and running interference between big brother and little sister – just the four-footed variety.

5 Back-to-School Stressors for Teens

5 Back-to-School Stressors for Teens

My son started 8th grade on Monday and the past week has been a little hectic – getting school supplies purchased and sorted, laundering all the new school clothes, and getting to sleep at a decent hour. This last one was a big one because Alex was worried about having to wake up early to get to class. It turns out he’s not alone, though. The morning alarm took the number one spot out of five back-to-school stressors for teens {Read More}

Veteran’s Oasis Park – Chandler’s Hometown Hidden Gem

Veteran's Oasis Park - Chandler, Arizona's Hometown Hidden Gem

The metropolitan Phoenix area is smack dab in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. From cacti to venomous critters, the desert can be intimidating but one southeast valley city has a secret, yet safe, desert destination. Veteran’s Oasis Park is Chandler, Arizona’s Hometown Hidden Gem. Peer-to-peer carsharing service RelayRides launched a campaign to help uncover these hidden gems in communities across the nation. What I love about RelayRides is that it doesn’t add new cars to the road, which helps {Read More}

Contemplating A Bali Vacation For Our 15th Anniversary

Bali vacation - on the beach

As I mentioned last week, I am busy researching our 15th anniversary getaway and one of our top five destinations is Bali. In order to help my husband and I narrow down these choices, I’ve decided to dedicate a post a week to each locale. This week, I’ll be sharing the pros and cons of a Bali vacation. Bali Overview Bali is an island province of Indonesia. According to the Bali Tourism Board, “Bali has a tropical monsoon climate, with {Read More}

Surprise Day Trip to Knott’s Berry Farm

Surprise Day Trip - Knott's Berry Farm

On Friday, July 18 we surprised the kids with a day trip to Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. The past two summers we’ve vacationed in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, but this summer was vacation-less. With my son starting 8th grade today, I started to feel a little bad that we didn’t get out of town at all so we put my husband’s frequent flyer miles to use and hopped a plane from Phoenix to {Read More}