Quick & Easy Pesto Pasta Salad


Both of my kids recently discovered that they love cold pasta salads, which is great because I felt like their school lunches were getting a bit monotonous. When I asked what type of pasta salad they wanted me to make first, they both settled on pesto. After a bit of brainstorming, the three of us came up with this quick and easy pesto pasta salad recipe. Get the recipe: Quick & Easy Pesto Pasta Salad. Note: I receive compensation from {Read More}

After-School Activities On A Budget


Swim team, ballet, piano, and voice lessons – these are just a few of the after-school activities that my children have participated in over the past year. While they are fun, the price quickly begins to add up and the fees can put a dent in even the most solid budget. The good news is that there are several ways to participate in a variety of after-school activities on a budget. Read the post in its entirety on the SCJohnson.com {Read More}

2015 Energy Efficient Tax Incentives


The 2014 tax season is upon us and although American taxpayers have until April 15, 2015 to file their 2014 tax return, it isn’t too early to start looking ahead to next year. One way to save money on your taxes, and your home energy costs, is through home upgrades. The following are just a few examples of energy efficient tax incentives for 2015. Please check with your accountant or tax advisor to ensure that you qualify for the tax {Read More}

Used Car Shopping Tips for Teens

Used Car Shopping Tips for Teens

Today on the SCJohnson.com Green Choices Blog – Used Car Shopping Tips for Teens. I remember buying my first car at age 16 and although I still have a few years before I repeat the process with my oldest child, car shopping is already on my mind. For some people, the car buying process is a tedious chore and for others, it is a fun adventure. Regardless of how you feel about buying a car, it is an important teaching {Read More}

A New Budget For The New Year


It is hard to believe that another year has gone by; I am now the mom of a teenager and a tween and when I look to the future, I see college expenses. So now it is time for me to sit down and create a new budget for the New Year. If you’ve never budgeted before, why don’t you join me in creating a financial plan for 2015? Read the entire post on the SCJohnson.com Green Choices blog: A {Read More}

3 Great Gifts In A Jar

3 Great Gifts In A Jar

Gifts in a jar are a super cute way to give a gift without breaking your budget. There are many different items that can be packed into a jar to be shared. The layers of ingredients make something interesting to look at as each ingredient creates a stripe in the jar – a little like sand art!. Here are 3 gift in a jar mixes that you can make and your friends and family will love! **For each recipe, attach {Read More}

25 Best New Year’s Eve Cocktails & Mocktails

25 Best New Year's Eve Cocktails & Mocktails

New Year’s Eve is almost here! It’s a time for fresh starts and celebrations – and if you’re looking for some fun cocktails and mocktails to have at home this year, I have got a nice list for you! Some are cocktails, some are mocktails, and some of the cocktails could easily have the alcohol omitted and still be delicious! Check out some of these and share your favorite New Year’s Eve cocktail or mocktail in the comments. (Please drink {Read More}