Five Fun Flavored-Water Recipes to Hydrate Your Summer

Staying hydrated during the summer doesn’t have to be boring. With a little creativity, you can bust out of the boring plain bottled water trend and create your own fun, flavored-water recipes. Before I share a few of our family’s favorite homemade water flavors, I wanted to touch on the importance of staying hydrated. Read the entire post and get the yummy recipes: Five Fun Flavored-Water Recipes to Hydrate Your Summer. Note: I receive compensation from SCJ for my blog {Read More}

Avoiding The Summer Brain Drain

Summer is upon us and that means our children will have a couple of months away from school. While this sounds great from a responsibility perspective, that much time away from academics can lead to something called summer brain drain. Studies have shown that children’s knowledge levels regresses over the summer break, but the good news is there are several steps you can take as a parent to reduce or avoid the summer brain drain. Read In my opinion, the {Read More}

7 Summer Road Trip Games

Summer road trip season is here, and although we are seasoned road trippers, there are times where the drive gets boring. Sure, we could hop on our phones or tablets and play games, but road trips are family time so we try to fill these seemingly-boring moments with road trip games. These games usually end up with all of us laughing over the sheer silliness of what we’re doing, but these are some of my favorite moments from our road {Read More}

Get Your Bike Ready for Summer Rides

It is bike riding season across most of the country, but before you and your children hit the road or the trail, you need to make sure your bike is ready for those fun summer rides. Barring any major issues, you can usually inspect your bike at home on your own, but if you’re at all unsure of something or find a problem—even a small one—make sure to connect with an expert at your local bike store to ensure everything {Read More}

Ten Tips for a Cleanup Your Room Day

Earlier this month our family celebrated National Cleanup Your Room Day. If your kids are anything like mine, they love celebrating every holiday that shows up on the calendar. Below are some lessons that I learned to help make it simple to have your kids clean up their room, holiday or not. Read the entire post: Ten Tips for a Cleanup Your Room Day. Note: I receive compensation from SCJ for my blog posts however my statements are truthful and {Read More}

10 Ways Tweens Can Earn Money This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and teenagers across the country are looking for summer jobs. A summer job is almost a rite of passage for teens, where they can gain valuable work experience while earning a little cash. However, tweens can also get in on the action. Even though they aren’t old enough for traditional employment, tweens can earn spending money while building a resume. If you’re the parent of a tween, check out these 10 ways tweens can {Read More}

Sun Safety Tips for Summer

Are you planning for a summer filled with outings to the beach, hikes in the mountains and family bike rides? If so, don’t forget to protect your kids and yourself from the sun. Although sun safety preparation will differ depending on your chosen activity, it is one of the most important parts of your summer adventure planning. Sunscreen The standard go-to for summer sun protection is sunscreen. Sunscreen comes in a variety of strengths and can be made from several {Read More}