As of Today, John Cena is My Personal Coach!

John Cena 10 Weeks BodyChange WBC

WWE Superstar John Cena is my new personal health and fitness coach. No, Cena isn’t going to be traipsing his way to my ‘hood in the metro Phoenix area in person, but he will be visiting my humble abode via video as part of his 10 Weeks BodyChange (10WBC) program (affiliate). I’m in the middle of a slow and steady health and fitness transformation and so I was excited to take advantage of the opportunity to put Cena’s program to {Read More}

Slammers – “Best.Snack.Ever.”


When your finicky son claims that something is the “Best.Snack.Ever”, you know he’s not exaggerating. Our family recently had the opportunity to try out Organic Slammers SuperFood Snack by Kids Gourmet. When my son first tried the ‘Awesome’ flavor, which has organic bananas, blueberries, strawberries, beets, acai and amaranth, he thought they were “good.” By the time we were done with our sample boxes, he proclaimed Slammers to be the best snack ever and quickly asked me to buy more. {Read More}

How To Clean Your Reusable Bags


Do you have an arsenal of reusable bags like I do? Do you clean them regularly? If not, you should. I tackled the topic in today’s post on the Green Choices blog. If you use your bags to hold a variety of grocery items, it is important to label them. Label one bag for produce, another for seafood and another for raw meats. Always pack your raw meats in the appropriate bag. Labeling your bags won’t substitute the need {Read More}

Pack Your Lunch With Spring Fruits & Veggies


Carrots, apples, broccoli and more – ’tis the season to pack your kids’ school lunches with spring fruits and veggies! Broccoli & Carrots My kids are boring broccoli eaters – they prefer it raw and plain. The same goes for carrots; I’m not complaining, though. If your child is a reluctant broccoli or carrot eater, try pairing these kid-friendly vegetables with different dips such as hummus, ranch or a yogurt-based dip. Read the entire post – School Lunch Ideas: Spring {Read More}

Spend Your Spring Break Outside


Don’t have the time or money for an elaborate Spring Break? Plan to spend your break outside, then. Benefits of being outside: According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, spending time outside makes you and your children happier, healthier and even smarter. “In nature, kids see, hear, smell and touch things all at the same time, prompting them to observe, ask questions and figure out things that have a lot of parts to them. The richness in the outdoors {Read More}

Veteran’s Oasis Park – A Hidden Gem in Chandler

Ava and Winston - Veteran's Oasis Park

I love Veteran’s Oasis Park – a hidden gem in Chandler, Arizona. Sure, the park is easy to find, but you don’t know how much it has to offer until you start exploring. It is my favorite city park in the area – miles of trails perfect for walking, mountain biking and even horseback riding. There are a bevy of retention ponds and a small lake stocked with fish. The park is filled with a variety of flora and fauna, {Read More}

Road Trip: Kids, a Schnauzer, Snow and the Grand Canyon

Dew Downtown Flagstaff 2014

A few weekends ago we decided to take an impromptu trip to Flagstaff, Arizona. The sleepy little college town in Northern Arizona was hosting the annual Dew Downtown festival and so we figured we’d head up for a little snow play. Since it was going to be a long day, we decided to bring along Winston, our one year-old miniature schnauzer. Flagstaff is definitely a dog-friendly town and Winston loves to travel, so we knew we were in for an {Read More}