Risperdal – The Drug of Choice for Aggression in Spectrum Children?

My son, who will be six years old tomorrow, has started having very aggressive meltdowns.  These are different than previous meltdowns as there is an obvious level of rage involved.  I’ve previously posted about two of his recent tantrums (Tantrums Take Two and Tantrums – Again?).  Thoseseemed to be a trigger for even more.  If he has an expectation in his mind that is not met he freaks out.  One morning he woke up early and climbed the pantry to get {Read More}

Tantrums – Again?

Perhaps I should use the word meltdown instead of tantrum – however you say it, it is still the same thing.  Wednesday was my son’s first day of school and thankfully he had a good day at school.  Unfortunately that didn’t transfer over to his swim lessons that started about 45 minutes after school let out.  I had water and a favorite snack available for him in the car hoping that would help.  We got to swim lessons and he {Read More}

I Have A First Grader!

Today was my son’s first day of first grade.  Now I know that he ‘officially’ became a first-grader after his last day of Kindergarten but this made it more real for him.  We got to the school nice and early so we could find a parking spot and then the whole family went in.  The first point of discussion was the playgrounds.  Alexander insisted that his old playground was only for kindergarteners but I explained that it is for first-graders {Read More}

Tantrums Take Two

I have previously discussed tantrums – if you’d like to read up on my post check it out here:  The Dreaded Autism Tantrum.  Today I am going to revisit that topic but the subject is my son, not my daughter.  My son will be six in a few weeks and has comorbid diagnoses of ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome.  On Friday night we went for an evening/night hike with my dad, sister, and nephews.  My dad is a member of the {Read More}