7 Year Old Steals Car to Get out of Going to Church

I just saw this video on the local newscast (it wasn’t local to me) and I’m totally LOL! This is hilarious! The ending also cracks me up as the lil guy bails as soon as he stops the car. Alex is 7…I can’t even fathom him doing something like this. Note to email subscribers, this post has a video embedded. Click through to watch the video.

My View of Lake Michigan – BlogHer ’09


I’ve arrived at the beautiful Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers for BlogHer ’09 and have a gorgeous view from my room on the 23rd floor.  I overlook the river and Lake Michigan.  I sent the picture to the kiddos back home and after viewing it, my daughter exclaimed “Mom can go fishing!”

Mindless Mommy Prepares to Head to Chicago for BlogHer ’09


In about 36 hours, I will be heading to the airport to visit Chicago for the first time. I’ll be attending BlogHer Business on Thursday and then BlogHer ’09 on Friday and Saturday. I registered for these events way back in January and have been excited since that time. Now I’m excited AND nervous. I decided to write about my reasons for being nervous to help make me feel a bit better about the trip. Nervous Reason #1 – Leaving {Read More}

FDA Safety Alert Regarding Xolair, an Asthma Medication

FDA is evaluating interim safety findings from an ongoing study of Xolair (omalizumab) that suggests an increased number of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular adverse events in a group of patients using Xolair compared to a group of patients not given the drug (control group). Xolair is approved for use by adults and adolescents (12 years of age and above) with moderate to severe persistent asthma who test positive for reactivity to a perennial airborne allergen, and whose symptoms are inadequately controlled {Read More}

Evian Roller Babies Viral Video

I just saw this video and although I am not a fan of plastic bottles of water, the video just made me giggle.

Articles States All Infants Should be Screened for Clicky Hips


I receive dozens of press releases each day on a variety of topics. I just came across one that discusses the importance of screening for hip dysplasia (also called clicky hips) in infants. I have mild hip dysplasia and can throw both of my hips out on a whim – some people call them double jointed hips. I thought it was a cool college trick to throw my hips in and out because it is kind of gross and cool {Read More}