Iceland Vacation: Planning a 15th Anniversary Getaway

My 15th anniversary getaway vacation planning continues – this week I’m focusing on Iceland. When I asked my husband where he’d like to go for our anniversary in October 2015, he jokingly said Iceland. But, I think he might have been on to something – an Iceland vacation may be the perfect way to celebrate 15 years together.

About Iceland
As of January 2014, the population in Iceland is 325,000 and while the language of the country is Icelandic, English is widely spoken. The country is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the capital city, Reykjavik is about a 10-hour flight from Los Angeles (6 hours from NYC). Temperatures in the city average about 39F in October, with only a few degrees difference between daytime and nighttime readings.

Things To Do During Our Iceland Vacation
The majority of our Iceland vacation will be spent outdoors. Items on our list of things to do include:

Blue Lagoon

Iceland Vacation - Blue Lagoon

A geothermal pool located in a lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula. While visitors can opt to just soak in the waters, I would most definitely take advantage of the in water spa treatments, which include a silica wrap, an algae treatment, a silica massage and more.

Northern Lights

Iceland Vacation - Northern Lights

If we visit Iceland, I won’t leave until we’ve at least made an attempt at seeing the Northern Lights. The aurora borealis is typically visible in the country from September through April.


Iceland Vacation - Hiking

Iceland is a country of varying landscapes and one of the best ways to take it all in is by getting out of the car and out onto the trails.

Whale Watching

Iceland Vacation - Whale Watching

Summer is whale-watching season in Iceland, but we may luck out with some October sightings. As the time nears, this is something that I’d need to research more.


Iceland Vacation - Snorkeling Between Tectonic Plates

Yes, I said snorkeling in Iceland…in October. One of the most unique snorkeling adventures is available in Thingvellir National Park – visitors can snorkel between the Eurasian an American tectonic plates.

Waterfalls & Geothermal Features

Iceland Vacation - Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall)

I love waterfalls and if we choose Iceland for our 15th anniversary getaway, I want to visit Gullfoss (aka the Golden Waterfall). I’m also a fan of other geothermal features, so a trip to the geysers of Iceland would also be in order.

This is my fourth installment of my 15th anniversary vacation Travel Tuesday posts and I have to admit, I’m more excited after writing this post than I was after writing the others. Sure a trip to Bali, Tahiti or Fiji, and Australia and New Zealand sound great, but a trip to Iceland has me most excited. We’ll see if the next installment, southern Europe, changes my mind.

Photo credits:
Blue Lagoon – Jonathan Percy/Flickr
Northern Lights – Moyan Brenn/Flickr
Hiking in Iceland – Jason Drury/Flickr
Whale Watching – Frank Sinks/Flickr
Snorkeling – Francisco Antunes/Flickr
Gullfoss – Howard Ignatius/Flickr

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  1. Iceland is a great place for running too!! Then you get to doubly enjoy soaking in the lagoons afterwards.

    • Love that idea Vanessa – I’m a new runner (jogging is probably a better description) and I’d love to be off on an adventure there.

  2. Those photos are amazing! Makes me want to get away

  3. This looks like an awesome vacation. The pictures take my breath away.

  4. The blue lagoon looks amazing! I watched an episode of House Hunters and they were in Iceland. It looks like a fun place to visit.

  5. ICELAND! WOW! I can’t say it was on my Bucket List but after reading this it just might be! What a gorgeous place! Congrats on 15 years! HUGE accomplishment! I hope they have lots of ice cold Champs for you in Iceland! XOXO!

    • Thanks Kristen – I didn’t think I’d be as interested in visiting Iceland as I am now – gotta love stepping outside of your box and looking into new locales.

  6. Looks like such a great anniversary plan! We spend all of our anniversaries (only on the 2nd year) wherever my husband is sent for summer ball.