I’m Melissa and these are my Mutterings. I’m not really Mindless, but some days I feel like I am. Such is the life of a mom. I originally launched Mindless Mommy Dot Com (aka M3) in 2007 to share my journeys as the mother of two children on the autism spectrum, one of which was subsequently diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy. I eventually moved my autism and epilepsy posts over to The Autism Education Site and my parenting-themed posts to Raising Them Green. That’s one too many blogs and so I’ve decided to consolidate Raising Them Green with M3.

When Mutterings of a Mindless Mommy launched in early 2007, I was the mother of a 5 and 3 year-old. Today, those two are tweens and life is certainly a lot different. In addition to talking about the challenges and joys of raising tweens, the new M3 will also cover family travel, personal finance and more. Basically, I will mutter about whatever my heart desires.