Asperger’s Syndrome, Transitions, and Meltdowns

It has been a long time since my son has had a meltdown. He’s 8 years old now and has been diagnosed with either PDD-NOS or Asperger’s Syndrome. There are mild nuances between the two diagnoses but we just say “Asperger” or Aspie because more people understand that than they do PDD. Anyhow, yesterday during a big transition Alex had an equally big meltdown. Yesterday, all four of us went to the store to buy bikes. Alex received a bike {Read More}

Ohio State ASAN Chapter Trying to Get off the Ground

The Ohio State chapter of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) was originally formed in late 2008 but the group is trying to get the organization off the ground and up and running. An article appeared in today’s edition of The Lattern – Autistic students self-represent. A big difference between ASAN and similar organizations is that it is a self-supporting organization where autistic members holding power. “We’re an alternative organization. We’re especially concerned with self-advocacy and issues of representation, and issues {Read More}

Brushing His Teeth, Tying His Shoes!

It has been a very hectic several weeks in the Mindless Mommy household. My sweet little guy is growing up! He’s 7.5 and has started to brush his teeth on his own (I don’t care how well he does it, but he’s doing it on his own!) and he can tie his shoes now! I’m proud of you Alex!

Cale from Spectrum Siblings’ Message to Parents

I have had the fortunate opportunity to virtually meet a rather charming young man, Cale Irwin, via Twitter. Cale blogs at Spectrum Siblings about how he copes, loves and thrives as an Aspergic teen. I asked Cale if he would submit a guest post for my blog and what he has written is a great message for parents and perhaps a glimpse into the future for many of us. I sat down to talk to a professor lately about doing {Read More}

ASAN’s Recommendations to President-Elect Obama

Although I am not on the autism spectrum myself, I am a fan of the work done by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). On Friday, January 2 members of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network met with members of the Office of the President-Elect on Autism Policy to discuss autism policy priorities for the coming year. The top three priorities listed in ASAN documents are: 1. Supporting and empowering autistic adults 2. Ending school abuse and ensuring a free and {Read More}

Is a Mostly Liquid Diet Really That Bad?

So Alexander is taking in mor calories – in the way of a nutritional drink. It’s calories though, right? Here’s a copy/paste of a response I left on the Weight Loss Crisis thread: Right now our interim solution is something called Boost Plus. He likes the vanilla and says it tastes like chocolate. They are 360 calories, have 14g of protein and a host of vitamins. He’s drinking one at breakfast and one at dinner now so we’re guaranteed 720 {Read More}

Hyperlexia: A Literary Journal Celebrating the Autistic Spectrum

Hyperlexia: A Literary Journal Celebrating the Autistic Spectrum is looking for your fiction, poetry, and personal essays. Our inaugural issue is planned for October 2008. Send submissions to and please include the full text of your writing in the email if you send a PDF or a Word file. Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2008. Hyperlexia is interested in honest, thoughtful, well-written poetry and prose about being autistic, and loving someone with autism. Our journal is a celebration {Read More}